torsdag 16. juli 2015

Two days in the mountain

My daughter, Lise (in pink), planned a solo four week long expedition in Norway's southwestern high mountains. My other daughter, Aina, and me, very fascinated by her adventure, therefore joined her on the two first days to see her well off and to feel the mountain spirits.
We started at Andvik, a small village by the fjord of Masfjorden a couple of driving hours north of Bergen. Following the steep Meisdal valley to the summit of Aadneburen 800 meters above sea level, we soon continued northeast into the breathtaking wilderness of Stoelsheimen. After more than eight hours of hiking we found a good spot along the banks of Storevatn to raise our tents.
Next day brought us to Stusdal (five hours hiking) and to Dyrkollbotn, where Lise took farewell and continued on her own. Unfortunately she came across too much snow higher up and were forced to turn back the very next day. She will now take the train to Geilo and continue her expedition from there.
Read about her exiting adventure in her blog:

Camping at Storevatn.

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Veldig kjekt å ha dere med de første to dagene 😊